The Kansas City Royals have made a significant roster change. They’ve selected the contract of catcher Tyler Cropley, who is set to fill an active roster spot left vacant by Salvador Perez. This decision comes after Perez was placed on the seven-day concussion list retroactive to September 17.

Perez’s placement on the injury list followed further testing which revealed that he does indeed have a mild concussion. The news came from Quatraro during his interview with Anne Rogers of at 11:30 am.

Tyler Cropley, now stepping into this key role, brings his own unique strengths and skills to the table 🧢. As a newcomer in such an important position, there will be many eyes watching him closely over these next few games.

Cropley has shown promise throughout his career so far and it will be interesting to see how he performs under pressure. He’s known for his quick reflexes behind home plate and powerful swing – both elements that could prove critical in upcoming matches.

While losing Perez is undoubtedly a setback for the team, they are showing confidence in their bench strength with this move. It’s clear that they believe Cropley has what it takes to step up when needed most.

For fans worried about Perez’s condition, medical professionals assure us that mild concussions like these typically resolve within seven days given proper care and rest – hence why he was put onto this specific injury list timeframe.

As we look ahead towards future games without our regular catcher Salvador Perez, there are certainly questions around how big of an impact this change might make on overall team performance; however if one thing remains certain amidst all uncertainty – it’s never underestimate any player wearing Royal blue!

In conclusion, while unexpected changes can sometimes throw off momentum or cause concern among fans; remember every challenge also presents opportunity! In light of recent events let us cheer louder than ever before as Tyler Cropley steps up bat swinging ready to show us what he’s got!