Going to a ballpark on a sunny afternoon is one of the best things in the world. The sound of the crowd and the crack of bats can make anyone fall in love with baseball all over again. If you’re someone who’s very interested in Baseball but don’t live close to a major team, doing your best to be able to attend one is something that you will most definitely enjoy. 

Traveling to see a game of baseball is very common and all ballparks across the US sees visitors from out of town on a regular basis. Regardless of whether you’re planning on attending a game in the city you live in or if you’re traveling from some ways away there are a couple of things to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best possible experience out of your visit.

Please note that this text is tailored towards people planning to make their first visit to an MLB game, especially when traveling from out of town. The seasoned fan who attends several games a year will more than likely not be able to scrounge too many useful tips out of this article.

Getting the tickets 

Buying your tickets well in advance is the best way to ensure that you can get the best spots at reasonable prices. Depending on when during the season you go tickets can be easy to come by or they can be more or less impossible to find. By buying your tickets as soon as they become available you can snag the best possible seats at the best possible deal. Sitting close to one of the baselines is by far one of the most enjoyable seats if you’re not willing to spend significant cash, but the seats on the upper deck close to home plate can also offer up fantastic views. 

You can buy baseball tickets at hellotickets or choose to go directly through the website of the team you’re visiting. However, hellotickets and similar ticket services tend to have a much better platform which makes it easier to find appealing seats at good prices. 

Where should you go? 

This is something that everyone has to decide for themselves. There are a ton of options about which ballparks to attend, but if you live within driving distance of one it can be fun to drive there, catch the game and stay the night, and then drive back home the day after. If you want to combine it with a little city vacation, Chicago and New York are your best bets as there is going to be a ton of things to do, the games are easy to get to via public transport, and there are two teams to choose from. 

Both New York and Chicago are massive baseball cities with a vibrant atmosphere around the games, but Boston is also an enticing option for many. The added benefit of public transportation can not be overstated, as many stadiums often create chaos in the traffic before and after the games. The last thing one wants to do

Show up to the game early 

Most tickets to stadiums allow you to freely walk around the confines and take in the entire ballpark. Therefore it can be very fun to show up well in advance to the game actually starting and walking around. There is usually a ton of different options for food and drinks, and Ballpark food tends to hit the spot just right in a way that nothing else really does. Some stadiums also have small museums displaying memorabilia which can be well worth a visit. 

Watching the warm up and batting practice while enjoying a cold drink and some snacks is also the best way to get excited for the game to start. Watching batting practice is the best way to take in how truly skilled these players are and who knows, maybe you’ll even catch a ball to take home as a souvenir. If you do catch a game ball, the MLB offers services at every ball park to commemorate the occasion where one also receives a certificate of authenticity.