The Chicago Cubs have a rising star in their midst, rookie left-hander Jordan Wicks. However, just one month into his Major League Baseball career, it’s becoming apparent that he has an issue to tackle – the first inning.

Wicks’ problem is not about talent or potential; those are unquestionable. He has shown exceptional skill and promise in his five starts till now. His opponents might even say they’re relieved when they manage a meager .624 against him. But there seems to be something about that initial inning that throws him off balance ⚾️

It’s not uncommon for pitchers, especially rookies like Wicks, to struggle with finding their rhythm at the start of games. The pressure of being on the mound can get overwhelming at times causing them to make mistakes which otherwise could be avoided.

In baseball terms, this phenomenon is often referred to as ‘first-inning jitters’. It signifies nerves or anxiety experienced by players during the beginning stages of a game before settling down into their regular performance groove.

For some reason unknown yet even after showing remarkable prowess throughout most parts of his performances so far, Wicks appears susceptible particularly during these crucial early moments.

But let us remember: we are talking about someone who has been playing professional baseball for less than 30 days! And within this short span of time while trying hard adjusting himself amidst seasoned pros around him every day and night out there on field under glaring lights watched by thousands eyes both live and across screens worldwide – yes indeed all these factors combined together do create tremendous pressure upon any newcomer irrespective how talented s/he may actually be!

So what does this mean moving forward? There’s no need for panic among fans or management alike because such problems aren’t unheard-of nor unfixable either rather quite common among fresh entrants into big leagues everywhere including MLB itself too hence nothing really unusual here per se but still definitely requiring immediate attention nonetheless if young Mr. Wicks wishes to continue his upward trajectory in the sport.

Coaches will likely work with him on strategies to overcome this hurdle, perhaps adjusting his warm-up routine or psychological preparation before games. There’s a lot of room for growth and improvement here; after all, he is still at the beginning of what could be a long and successful career.

In conclusion, Jordan Wicks’ first-inning problem is just that – a problem, not an insurmountable obstacle. With time, experience and guidance from his team’s seasoned coaching staff as well as support from fans who have already been impressed by his performances so far despite this minor hiccup along way surely there lies ahead bright future awaiting him within world-class ranks of Chicago Cubs baseball club where hopefully soon we’ll see these initial jitters becoming thing past while watching him shine brighter than ever before out there under those iconic floodlights illuminating historic Wrigley Field night after glorious night!