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A fan of seeing the ball be hit out of the park? Want to be able to look at the MLB with a different approach to just hoping for a hitter to smash the ball as far as he can?

When surfing the web, we noticed that there were a real lack of articles on the tactical aspect of baseball; something we can not believe fans of one of the biggest sports in the world can be particularly happy about.

Therefore, Total Baseball Analysis was created and strives to be the best place for all content regarding the MLB. Whether you follow the sport as a whole, or you have a favourite franchise, our aim is to give you a completely new outlook on the game and provide you with the complexities that many appear to take little notice of.

A fan of the iconic New York Yankees? Support the Washington Nationals, or follow the Boston Red Sox? Basically, have a team you follow, we can guarantee that we will bring you the very best articles that are full with in-depth details and are highly data-driven to help act as an educational and informative tool about the game.

We will bring you articles that aim to give you all the latest news and opinions from the sport, whilst also giving you a detailed analytical look at a number of different aspects within Baseball.

Total Baseball Analysis contains articles about matches, before and after they have been played as we aim to teach you how each side could look to play against their opponent as they look to get the edge and make their way to the World Series.

Our authors will also look at players individually and in great detail, as we pinpoint certain aspects of their game and how they look to consistently perform the best. Taking a closer look at batters and pitchers, there is no stone uncovered.

Continuing the theme of looking to analyse everything, hence the ‘total’ part in the web site’s name, head coaches also come under the scrutiny of our writers as we look to give you an insight into what they are trying to achieve with the squad they have.

Interested in contributing to Total Baseball Analysis with some of the highest analytical pieces that the sport deserves? Then why not come and join us by applying to write for us and getting your opinions and views heard by our large audience of readers!

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